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Download Page

Welcome to my downloads page!

Here you can retrieve freebies you can't get anywhere else!

Listen to the MP3 Sci Fi Horror AudioShort

"C.L.O.W.N. 242"

Read by the talented Darin Brees of A Strong Brees Productions.

16 minutes, 22 megabytes, playable on any mobile device or computer

(Right-Click and "Save link as" to DOWNLOAD)

If you prefer to read this story rather than listen to it, please click HERE to download a text version. Please keep in mind that it will simply open as a PDF and not load onto your Kindle or Kindle app. For this convenience, please click HERE to visit Amazon's site.

Flash fiction (996 words): 

Why Humans Lost Their Reset Button 

This one is fun and will make you think outside the box!