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Gram'mar Mountain


SGU Season3


Art Page

Welcome to my Art Page!

All images are available to order. 

Each comes as a 9.5" x 16" glossy, high-quality print,

same as offered at in-person venues.

Oh yeah, and

Free shipping!


"yō-mən." Noun. A Naval petty officer who performs clerical duties.

I have included this definition because I get asked so often what "Yeoman" means. I usually say, remember the pretty gal with the blonde beehive who often handed Captain Kirk his clipboard to sign? That was Yeoman Janice Rand. Yes, I do realize I use first names on my prints instead of last names. Truth is, I screwed it up with my very first one, using "Leia" instead of "Organa" in the background, and what was I supposed to do at that point? Just keep on Trekkin', that's what.

Oh and yes, I realize I gave Naomi and Hermoine officer rank. I have no idea why. I might fix that someday.

I honestly don't know where this mashup idea came from. Probably a number of places. It might have been when my ex-girlfriend once wore a shirt with "Star Wars" printed in the classic Star Trek Final Frontier font (same as in my images). Or was it "Star Trek" printed in Star Wars font? It was one of the two. Either way, it really messed up my brain. So I thought I'd mess with other people's brains. Ha! Enjoy the twist.

Yeoman Quorra
Yeoman Gem
Yeoman Lara
Yeoman Elvira

Showcasing a few illustrations/digital art from previous projects:

Evil Org!

Written and Drawn by 

Rod Galindo and Kristin Shafer

A silly comic about the misadventures of a wannabe evil and slightly delusional "Kommander" and her "Number Two." Her mission: To take over the world (and save the puppies). His mission: To keep her from hurting herself and the scores of minions she loves tossing in the lava pit.

All comics below were created in Microsoft PowerPoint. Yes it's true! I had no idea it was so versatile either, until I had to develop map overlays for the U.S. Army! The Army LOVES to PowerPoint its soldiers, civilians, and contractors to death, just ask any veteran on the street for verification and eye rolling. Might want to prepare yourself for a solid ten minutes of b*tching, though.

Click HERE to be taken to the secret underground lair at Yes, the site really does exist, even if the actual organization does not.

Or does it? Mua ha haaaa!!!

Click on the above image if you want to suffer through this short, ridiculous film!


(U.S. Army R.O.T.C. Ranger Challenge Wars)

A silly Army/Star Wars parody. This was a University of Kansas Army ROTC "skit" my friends and I filmed over the course of about 24 hours for presentation at a military ball.

Written, directed and filmed by me, with totally amateur sets made my by wonderful brothers and sisters in arms for all of $6 (I'd say $5, but there's a real dollar bill taped to the wall of one of the sets).

Featuring the voice talents of actual students and cadre of the KU Army ROTC program of 1998. Please don't blame them, everything here is 100% MY FAULT. 

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